All About Ballet Dancing Facts

When you want to know all about dancing, then you will also get informed all about Ballet Dancing. Ballet is one of the popular dances up till now. This dance has its own story in each of the movements or it is just express the mood of the dancers, and it also can reflect the music which is following it. Ballet Dance has full of expression in its formation and the graceful type of the dance. The dancers show the unnatural movements in their body. Nevertheless, the dancers should show those unnatural movements to be looked as natural as it should be. They also should be expert in floating their body parts through the air in order to seem defying the gravity or spinning with the tips of the dancers’ toes.

When you hear all about Ballet Dancing, sometimes you will think about the agility of the ballet dancers, right? Then, do you know that the dancers have a rough time while they are practicing the dance? Some movements of the Ballet Dance are so fast that make the dancers sometimes are not be able to follow the steps. This dance requires the flexibility of your body control and such a great practice and training. A good dancer should have some particular skills such as understanding the music and feeling the rhythm of the movements.

Learning all about Ballet Dancing and doing it perfectly need years of basic dance training, especially when it comes for the difficult movements. A good dancer should be able to stretch the leg above naturally and their expression should be natural. To start learning about Ballet Dance will be better from between 8 and 10 years old. The dancers who have a strong motivation to be able in practicing Ballet Dance Incredibly should come practicing their lesson six times a week until you can do all the basic lessons.

All about Belly Dancing and the Story

You will be able to know all about Belly Dancing if you are asking to the right person. Here, you will be informed about this dance with its history. Many people say that the Belly Dance is one of the oldest dances in the world. This dance has the ancient form and it has the roots in almost all the ancient cultures and tradition from the Middle East to the India to orient. However, there is a misconception about this dance which is said that the Belly Dance is to entertain the men. When it comes for the history, this dance usually has been performed to the ritualized tradition for the other women when they were in the fertility rites and the parties that preparing young girl for her marriage. In many cases, men are not permitted to see it.

When you want to know all about dancing, then you have to know this dance. This Belly Dancing is the natural movements from women’s structure of muscle and bone come from torso instead of the legs and the feet. You will know all about Belly Dancing when you see a dance which often focuses in isolating the dancer’s body in the different parts and then moving independently those parts in good patterns, then weaving it together with the feminine form. The Belly Dance is performed without wearing anything in the dancer’s feet. People said that it is because to make a physical connection in between the earth (Mother Earth), the dancer, and her expression.

The costume of Belly Dance is colorful with flowing garments, scarves, and veils. The finger cymbals are common, the jewelry and belts that are made from coins also sometime provided there to comprise the wealth of a family. There are other accessories that are interesting from all about Belly Dancing such as snakes, swords, and huge candelabras.

All about Salsa Dancing Story

All about salsa dancing and its music come from the musical evolution of many Latin rhythms types. This dance is also a combination from various different cultural music and genres. The origin of the salsa dance is still in the pro and contra. However, people believe that this dance comes from Cubans. The restraints, political and social pressure made many people came to the US including the New York City in the 30’s. Those people that came from Caribbean then blended some styles of their own music together.

The term of Salsa dance was created in New York City. This dance’s style has Hispanic origin, and it also became the existed dance ever in New York City. The term of all about salsa dancing referred to the several of Hispanic musical genres and styles such as Son Montuno, Rhumba, Merengue, Cubop, Festejo, Bomba, Cumbia, Plena, Charanga, Cha cha cha, Son, Danzon, Guguanco, Guaracha, Mambo, and others. Many of those have the maintained the individuality while the others were perfectly mixed and created the Salsa dance. Therefore, you can say that the salsa dance cannot be taken by any culture or country because all about dancing can be seen from Salsa Dance.

Nowadays, all about salsa dancing can be seen in almost everywhere since this dance continues to be existed and people made many creative styles in creating new dips, steps, lifts, and spins. You will find that there are so many competitions about Salsa Dance in around this world, including World Salsa Championship that is held annually. If you really want to see the Salsa Dance, you will not need to go far from your living area. In San Jose, you can easily see dozens of such a great place to show the dancer’s skill and you also will be able to do Salsa Dance there.

All About Irish Dancing, the Traditional Dance from Ireland

You will know all about Irish dancing when you knew well about Ireland and its tradition. Ireland is well-known for its dancing. One of the popular dances from Ireland is Irish dance. It is an important thing that the Irish has. It is a valuable culture and heritage of this island, same as the Irish language, Irish’s traditional music, hurling, and Gaelic football. The Irish dance has created from the druids and Celts ethnic who come to this island before the Christianity and other influences from the outside came there. The druids had their own traditional ritual dance which is usually formed in circle and it was done in around the trees. The Celts ethnic also has the folk dance which was in the similar formation with the druids’ traditional ritual dance. Until now, you still can see the formation of those dances in the Irish dance.

All about dancing is such a strong tradition that you can see it many times in Ireland since it is a culture of that island. The footwork of the Irish dance is something new for foreigner and it always is able to create a magnificent touch to the people’s feeling when they see it. The Riverdance’s show has made all about Irish dancing popular in the world for more than two decades.

All about Irish dancing contests can be seen in a competition that is known as feis. The competition divides the participants by experience and age range. The participants should show their best in giving the dance. The Irish dancers can win if they give their best in using technical skill, shoe sounds, timing, and also the stylistic movements. There are many types of Irish dance that can be joined in this competition such as Set Dance, Ceili Dance, Stepdance, Sean-nos Dance, and many more.

All About Tap Dancing for Beginners

If you are curious about tap dancing, then you will find all about tap dancing here. The tap dancing is an exciting dance which all the dancers there will wear such special shoes form that are equipped well with metal material. The dancers will dance by using their feet as if it is a drum to create the rhythmic patterns with elegant timely beats. The term of this dance comes from the sound of the dancer’s shoes metal plates that tap the floor with such a unique sound that is created by touching hard the surface of the floor.

All about tap dancing that you want to know is usually come with the common style that is called as classical tap. When the dancers do the classical tap, they use the arms and also their upper bodies in order to create unique movements with a jazz or ballet style into the tap dance movement. The hoofers then try using their shoes so the feet will create a sound like drums.

You can know the information all about dancing or specifically all about tap dancing in everywhere since this dance has come and been popular for more than a century. In a late 19th, there are two techniques of tap dance that were known well. It is a fast dance style that uses wooden-sole style and Soft-Shoe with the leather-sole style. The tap dance is characterized by tapping the floor and shoes sound which is created beautifully from both the heel and the ball of dancer’s shoes. When it is tapped to the hard surface of the ballroom floor, it will make percussive sound. The tap dancers will frequently make the unique choreography with a perfect improvisation. This tap dance is really beautiful to see when you are want to know how amazing a collaboration between Step dance, British Isles clog, and the West African drumming rhythms.