You will be able to know all about Belly Dancing if you are asking to the right person. Here, you will be informed about this dance with its history. Many people say that the Belly Dance is one of the oldest dances in the world. This dance has the ancient form and it has the roots in almost all the ancient cultures and tradition from the Middle East to the India to orient. However, there is a misconception about this dance which is said that the Belly Dance is to entertain the men. When it comes for the history, this dance usually has been performed to the ritualized tradition for the other women when they were in the fertility rites and the parties that preparing young girl for her marriage. In many cases, men are not permitted to see it.

When you want to know all about dancing, then you have to know this dance. This Belly Dancing is the natural movements from women’s structure of muscle and bone come from torso instead of the legs and the feet. You will know all about Belly Dancing when you see a dance which often focuses in isolating the dancer’s body in the different parts and then moving independently those parts in good patterns, then weaving it together with the feminine form. The Belly Dance is performed without wearing anything in the dancer’s feet. People said that it is because to make a physical connection in between the earth (Mother Earth), the dancer, and her expression.

The costume of Belly Dance is colorful with flowing garments, scarves, and veils. The finger cymbals are common, the jewelry and belts that are made from coins also sometime provided there to comprise the wealth of a family. There are other accessories that are interesting from all about Belly Dancing such as snakes, swords, and huge candelabras.