You will know all about Irish dancing when you knew well about Ireland and its tradition. Ireland is well-known for its dancing. One of the popular dances from Ireland is Irish dance. It is an important thing that the Irish has. It is a valuable culture and heritage of this island, same as the Irish language, Irish’s traditional music, hurling, and Gaelic football. The Irish dance has created from the druids and Celts ethnic who come to this island before the Christianity and other influences from the outside came there. The druids had their own traditional ritual dance which is usually formed in circle and it was done in around the trees. The Celts ethnic also has the folk dance which was in the similar formation with the druids’ traditional ritual dance. Until now, you still can see the formation of those dances in the Irish dance.

All about dancing is such a strong tradition that you can see it many times in Ireland since it is a culture of that island. The footwork of the Irish dance is something new for foreigner and it always is able to create a magnificent touch to the people’s feeling when they see it. The Riverdance’s show has made all about Irish dancing popular in the world for more than two decades.

All about Irish dancing contests can be seen in a competition that is known as feis. The competition divides the participants by experience and age range. The participants should show their best in giving the dance. The Irish dancers can win if they give their best in using technical skill, shoe sounds, timing, and also the stylistic movements. There are many types of Irish dance that can be joined in this competition such as Set Dance, Ceili Dance, Stepdance, Sean-nos Dance, and many more.