If you are curious about tap dancing, then you will find all about tap dancing here. The tap dancing is an exciting dance which all the dancers there will wear such special shoes form that are equipped well with metal material. The dancers will dance by using their feet as if it is a drum to create the rhythmic patterns with elegant timely beats. The term of this dance comes from the sound of the dancer’s shoes metal plates that tap the floor with such a unique sound that is created by touching hard the surface of the floor.

All about tap dancing that you want to know is usually come with the common style that is called as classical tap. When the dancers do the classical tap, they use the arms and also their upper bodies in order to create unique movements with a jazz or ballet style into the tap dance movement. The hoofers then try using their shoes so the feet will create a sound like drums.

You can know the information all about dancing or specifically all about tap dancing in everywhere since this dance has come and been popular for more than a century. In a late 19th, there are two techniques of tap dance that were known well. It is a fast dance style that uses wooden-sole style and Soft-Shoe with the leather-sole style. The tap dance is characterized by tapping the floor and shoes sound which is created beautifully from both the heel and the ball of dancer’s shoes. When it is tapped to the hard surface of the ballroom floor, it will make percussive sound. The tap dancers will frequently make the unique choreography with a perfect improvisation. This tap dance is really beautiful to see when you are want to know how amazing a collaboration between Step dance, British Isles clog, and the West African drumming rhythms.